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Ron was born in a small hill top village in Abruzzo Italy, to peasant parents, in December 1949. In 1954 his father decided that there might be a better life in Australia for his then family of three children. Over a period of three years Ron’s father saved enough money to pay for a voyage, by ship, for Ron’s mother, grandmother, sister and brother. In September 1957, after a month-long journey, the family arrived in Sydney disembarking in what is now Darling Harbour.

Ron’s mother gave birth to another three children in a small town in far North Queensland called Ayr, where they lived from 1957 to 1967. In 1967 the whole family moved to Sydney where Ron finished years 11 and 12 schooling at Punchbowl Boy’s Highschool.

Ron began a plumbing apprenticeship with F.R. Coyle and worked on the Goodsell Building in Chifley Square in Sydney. In January 1970 Ron was selected to serve as a National Serviceman in the Australian Army. At basic training in Kapooka, he was selected to be trained as a Commissioned Officer. After six months, he graduated as a Second Lieutenant and posted to Lavarack Barracks in Townsville as an Infantry Platoon Commander of 5 Platoon 2RAR.

During his National Service Ron completed a correspondence course in Building. At the end of 1972 he was granted a builder’s license and began a building business as Ron Gattone Pty Ltd which he maintained for 19 years. In 1974 Ron met Heather and married her in January 1977. They have raised two children, Jeffery and Eva. Jeffery and Michelle have produced two children, Georgia 5.5 years old and Julius 4. They live in Melbourne. Eva and True have a 15 months old daughter, Sage and live in Sydney.

On May 11, 1991 Ron became part owner of Crescent Timber and Hardware together with one of his brothers and a brother-in-law. He is still the Managing Director of that business together with several other businesses in Sydney. Heather is currently working 3 days a week as the administration Manager at Crescent Timber. She is of great help to Ron in all of his affairs.

Ron was invited to become a Lion in 1978 by a client of his and became a member of Woollahra Lions Club. His sponsor, David Rosenwax and he, are now members of Bondi Lions after both Woollahra Lions Club and Woollahra-Vaucluse Lions Club stopped operating. For a period of twelve years, he was a non-active member. It was not until 2011 that Ron renewed his interest in Lions when his reason for being a Lion shifted. Ron came to the realisation that the space he occupies on this Earth does not belong to him and in some way it must be paid for. He now regards that the service that he provides to his fellow man and to those less fortunate than himself, as the rent that he pays for the privilege of living on this Earth.

Ron has held the positions of President, Secretary and Board member at Club level and Region Chairman, Zone Chairman, 2VDG and 1VDG at District level. He is looking forward to the office of N5 District Governor for 2017-2018.

Ron’s mission in life is “to powerfully influence in a positive way every person he interacts with”.

Ron’s ultimate goal is self-mastery.


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