The Lions Club of Emu Plains are raising community awareness and understanding of organ and tissue donation to encourage registrations on the Australian Organ Donor Register during the week; 29 July – 5 August.

Today around 1,400 Australians and their families are desperately waiting for the call that a life-saving organ has become available. They are counting on the generosity of a donor and their family willing to give the gift of life. The gift of organ and tissue donation gives recipients a second chance at experiencing all of the love, joy and adventure that life has to offer. Thousands of Australians are living their lives to the fullest because of the generosity of organ and tissue donors and their families.

It is an especially heartfelt message that Emu Lion Jim Devine relates; “My granddaughter, Kyla, had a liver transplant at 5 months old. She’s now 10 years old, playing netball, doing gymnastics and swimming and going to the Australian Transplant Games at the Gold Coast in October. All this was only possible because of a selfless decision of a donor and their family, to donate an organ.”


The Federal Government want to inspire all Australians to make a real difference to the lives of others by registering and telling their family they want to be a donor. DonateLife Week is led by the Organ and Tissue Authority (OTA) in partnership with DonateLife agencies in every State and Territory and other key stakeholders across Australia.

Most religions support organ and tissue donation including Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Judaism and Hinduism. It’s important to know that the organ and tissue donation process can accommodate religious and cultural end of life requirements.

In 2017, 1,675 Australians received a lifesaving transplant thanks to the generosity of 510 deceased and 273 living donors and their families. A further 9,600 Australians benefited from eye and tissue transplants. Since 2009, more than 10,000 Australians have had their lives saved because of a transplant. 6.5 million Australians aged 16 or over have registered to be a donor.

One organ and tissue donor can save and transform the lives of many people who are very ill or dying because an organ is failing. Each and every person in Australia has a chance to make a real difference in the life of someone who is waiting for an organ or tissue transplant.


Lions encourage all Australians in their community to register to become an organ or tissue donor or spark positive change by talking about donation and sharing views with family and friends.

We can no longer register our donation decision via our driver’s licence as we need to join the national Australian Organ Donor Register, https://register.donatelife.go

Registering to be a donor directly influences consent rates, with 90 per cent of families agreeing to donation proceeding when their loved one is registered. This drops to 40 per cent when the family is unaware of their loved one’s donation decision. Knowing what their loved one wanted brings comfort to families at a very difficult time.


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