Message from your District Governor Elect DEREK MARGERISON

A message from your District Governor Elect


My fellow Lions of District 201N5.

My theme for the year is “Working Together, Hands On WE SERVE”.

We have a great organisation which has achieved great things over the past century.  I believe we can achieve even greater things in the future.

On reflecting how those great things were achieved we must appreciate that they were not achieved by individuals but by people working collectively.

During my year of service to the District I will endeavour to increase the number of joint Club and District projects in fundraising and community service.

We must always remember that while fundraising is important it is basically a means to an end – Lions’ community service.

In the coming year your District will introduce two initiatives.  These initiatives are a Women’s workshop and Leos’ workshop.

The aims of the Women’s workshop are to attract more women into the Lions organisation and address and assist women’s issues in general.  Our Leos’ workshop aims to -bring our Leos’ clubs into a united body working with and supporting our District’s activities.

“Working Together, Hands On WE SERVE”

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