New Year Message 2018

New Year Message 2018

Fellow Lions, Lioness and Leos

Gae and I truly wish that the New Year 2018 bring joy, happiness, peace, smiles and good tidings for you and your family. Wouldn’t it be truly magical if 2018 was to become a year to remember for every club in our great District.

When we look back on 2018 will we be able to say we made each person in our Club, both ‘old and new’, feel welcome and a part of our Association of Lions? That we have an inclusive environment in which members feel respected by, and connected to, one another? That all of our members contributed to the formation of the club’s goals and to the realisation of those goals? That we worked hard to identify key opportunities in the broader community where our members promoted and participated in social inclusion projects.

There is a raft of influences in our community such as race, culture, religion, age, gender and personal circumstance, all of which we need to recognise if we genuinely want our club to be relevant and grow. All clubs should seek to:

  • Promote a philosophy of respect within the membership and community regardless of differences in race, culture, religion, age, gender or personal circumstance.
  • Encourage individuals to recognise that our interactions should be accepting of each other’s backgrounds, circumstances, needs and preferences.
  • Provide opportunities for individuals to participate equitably in our community and to understand the rights and responsibilities that we share as part of that society.
  • Stimulate a sense of belonging for everyone by helping our membership and our community work towards a spirit of inclusiveness and a shared identity as a diverse society.
  • Encourage and develop club projects promoting the benefits of living in culturally diverse society Identify opportunities for the membership to assist communities who experience social inequalities.


Want to attract new members

.Ensure that your Club is representative of the whole community.

.Be creative and more specific in your inclusion efforts-target specific groups and tailor your recruiting approach for them.

.Show that your club is sincere and enthusiastic about inclusion by making it a part of the club culture.

Make it clear ”what’s in it for them” if they join your club. Show them how they can benefit as well as how their input, ideas and contribution will make a difference to the club and to the community.

As we enter 2018 please promote the philosophy that “we create miracles through service” and  ‘we change people’s lives’ and that it’s not how much we give, but how much love we put into the giving. In this way we bring dignity to others through humanitarian service. Please keep in mind our District Governor’s Ron Gattone theme for the year “Personal development is the key to life”.

Happy New Year Everyone.

PDG Elvio Munzone

“With thanks to The Lions Club of Charles Sturt “

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