District 201N5 Convention 16-17 Nov 2019 – Faye Yarroll


Faye Yarroll
The Gift of Hearing with Cochlear Technology & Lions Hearing Dogs
Faye Yarroll is a Bilateral Cochlear Implant Recipient and has received the greatest gift of all, the “Gift of Hearing”. She is an accomplished guest speaker with an inspiring story to tell.
at Lions District 201N5 Convention 2019
Bankstown Sports
16-17 November 2019

Faye has now received 2 Cochlear Implants after being born with a hereditary sensorineural hearing loss and then having not 1, but 2 different accidents in her life which resulted in a profound hearing loss in both ears. Faye also shares her life with a Lions Hearing Dog which helps Faye at times when she does not have her Cochlear ears on.   

Throughout Faye’s life she has experienced many challenges and succeeded in an extremely professional management career without letting her hearing get in her way.

Faye’s positive attitude proves that “Anything is possible”. Faye is also a recipient of a Helen Keller Award and a Bill Holmes Award from Lions International in recognition of her Outstanding Ongoing Commitment in service to Lions Hearing Dogs Inc.

Don’t miss Faye’s inspiring story – a must see.

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