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Check Essential Requirements For Your Club on our Incorporation and Fundraising page with info on ABN, Constitution, Fundraising and Public Officer Role

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Select Accounting System To Suit Your Club.  Save To Your Computer.  Copy Twice And Rename Them Administration Account 201_-201_ And Activities Account 201_-201_
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Guidance to Charities and Volunteer Organisations
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There are several free online services that can help volunteer associations like Lions Clubs, find additional board members.

The Privacy Policy of Multiple District 201 describes privacy in regard to several national and international programs. A copy is available on their website governance page here

The Privacy Policy of Lions Clubs International, including advice to clubs on their own Privacy arrangements is available here

Inquiries in regard to Privacy for Lions Clubs District 201N5 Cabinet Inc ABN 38076542210, including this website, may be directed to our Secretary

Group of women and men at a Lions Club dinner meeting with several standing receiving a presentation.