The Community Challenge for 2018 is now on and each District Chairman is looking for entrants.

It is not very hard to enter just ask your Save Sight Director. DG or any Lion or myself and we will be happy to help you fill in the Entrant’s Form. The Challenge is open for anyone, not necessary a Lion ,

aged 18 to 80+ ???????

At our August meeting PDG Ruth Small threw out the Challenge that PDGs should be interested in being an entrant for the Challenge and put herself forward.

PDG Ian Warren has TAKEN THAT Challenge and has also entered and I thank and congratulate them for doing so.

We have mostly three ways of raising money for the Foundations so that we can continue giving you the Clubs assistance with grants for your eligible projects.

REMEMBER each Lions Club in NSW owns these Foundations.

The Car raffle which is the major fundraiser and where else but Lions would anyone be given a chance to win a car for $1. ? This raffle is in full swing and is drawn in March.

If your Club or entrant sells over $400 dollar’s   worth of tickets 25% of the tickets sold after that can go to your entrant.

If the Club gives   Awards the cost of these can also go towards the Challenge. Then to raise other monies it is only limited by your imagination.

Previous entrants have had some really inventive ideas to raise money and this creativity helps in the judgment of the Community Service section.

There are 2 prizes of $300 each for

  •  The Charity Award – for the highest $’s raised by a single entrant, and
  •  The Lions Community Service Award – For their involvement in Community Service through Lions Clubs and/or other Community Service organisations.



I am happy to help you in any way I can.

Yours in Lionism


Trish Friend

Community Challenge Ambassador.


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