We Serve – PDG Elvio Munzone


 I want to encourage everyone to remember what brought them to serve as a Lion in the first instance. Mull it over take a deep breath and remember that “that” reason is still there.

You are a bit older and a bit worse for wear but the reason that you decided to help others is still there buried beneath the politics, the personalities and time. Look closely and dig a bit and you will find it bright, new and still as urgent and important to you as when you first put your hand up to “SERVE”.

 I want you to keep that reason close to you to savour and remember.

 Use that bright, new, important reason to re-vitalize yourself so that you can continue in your service to the community.

Fellow Lions, Leos and Lioness to become truly alive and passionate about the work that we do for others means to be awake to the infinite manifestations of life around us.

To greet those who we meet with respect, to shake their hand and thank them for all they give us or do for us.

To become truly alive means to be filled with wonder, to see people and things as you were seeing them for the very first time and possibly, just possibly the passion that we display when we help others will be so infectious that people will want to join us

Being a member of the Lions family and all that it stands for is cemented in our identity and as a Family of Lions supporting each other we can continue to build and strengthen our Clubs by introducing new members.

 Together we can make a difference and together we can create a stronger Lions Family and pave the way to a brighter tomorrow.

This year we celebrate District Governors Ron’s theme “personal development is the key to life.”

 Yours in Lions Service

 PDG  Elvio Munzone.




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